Is it available for commercial use?
Motion data exported from TDPT can be used for commercial purposes.
Both individuals and corporations are possible.
Live streaming and screenshots or videos are also available.

However, if you use a video when capturing, please be careful about the copyright regarding the video, music, choreography, etc. of the video.
In addition, the standard avatar "Lune" has terms of use. Here →
Lune's VRoidHub page ; but Japanese only.
What are the prohibitions?
Various laws and regulations or public order and morals, and acts that violate them are prohibited.
About sending using VMC Protocol : I entered the receiving IP and port number in TDPT, and pressed "start".
But it doesn't seem to be received, why?
If the settings on the receiving side are correct, you may need to temporarily stop the security of the firewall on the computer side.
Be sure to restore the security settings.
The loaded avatar is strange. / I get an error when I load my avatar.
Basically only .vrm avatars work.
Currently it does not support vrm1.0.

- If there is a problem with the waist position
It has been confirmed that a problem occurs when the position of the foot bone of the avatar is higher than the position of the bone at the bottom of the waist.
In that case, shorten the length of the bottom bone of the waist a little and raise it to improve it.
TDPT_Image of slightly shortened waist bone

- The required bones
If the loaded avatar does not have the following bones, it may not work properly or a warning may appear.
The required bones for TDPT are:
Neck, RightEye, LeftEye
RightUpperArm, RightLowerArm, RightHand
LeftUpperArm, LeftLowerArm, LeftHand
Hips, Spine
RightUpperLeg, RightLowerLeg, RightFoot
LeftUpperLeg, LeftLowerLeg, LeftFoot
These are the names of Unity Human Body Bones.

- TDPT runs on Unity's "HumanBodyBones".
The TDPT compares the avatar and ignores any missing or unwanted bones.
Ignored bones follow the body and move.
If you have problems with your avatar, edit it so that it is in the same state as "HumanBodyBones".
Are you planning to release an android version?
I'm sorry, I have no plans for now.
I saved a motion and tried to download it from my Mac, but I can't open the "TDPT / motion" folder.
It seems that the function of Finder is limited.
Please move the data to the folder directly under TDPT with the iOS "Files" app.
Airdrop is recommended when sending motion data to mac.
In the case of a PC, please use any cloud service.
Are you planning to implement hand tracking?
Currently under development.
Are you planning to implement face tracking?
I'm sorry, I have no plans for now.
I have an avatar I want to use on VRoid Hub, but I "favorite" it and it doesn't show up. why?
There are some conditions for available avatars.
For details, please see the "TDPT _ VRoid Hub Linked App" page here.