Hacaro series Stroop Test 

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The Stroop test is known as a cognitive function test that measures the
ability of attention or judgment.
It is considered to be associated with the function of the frontal lobe or
anterior cingulate gyrus.
There are two tasks; the first task is “Color Naming” and the second is
“Incongruent Color Naming”.
First, please answer the name of four colors (red, blue, green, yellow) as
quickly as and as accurately as possible.
Second, please answer the name of the color that was written by the
incongruent color word intentionally.
It is known that the time for the Incongruent Color Naming task becomes
slower than the time for the Color Naming task. This is called Stroop
Measuring two of these in succession is called Stroop test.

What you can do with this application
  • Measuring for each task
  • Continue measuring task 1 and task 2
  • Result data will store measurement date / time, age, gender, type of task, time, score
  • View past 30 data
  • If the user is logged in, retrieve the data stored on the server
  • For guest play, save 30 data on the device