Hacaro series iTUG


We release an application of “iTUG” from the “Hacaro” series which made it
easy to access our lives by using iPhone.
As the first character of iTUG, “i” means “instrumented” like as “i” in iPhone.

This application can be easily measured the 3-m timed up-and-go test (TUG)
which is widely used as a quantitative measure for assessing general
mobility at medical and nursing care workplaces.

Upon hearing the voice signal (directing to start) from the iPhone, a
examinee stands up and walks a distance of 3 m, turns around a small cone,
returns back to the chair, turned 180°, and sit down as quickly as possible.

By using inertial gyroscopes and accelerometers in the iPhone, angular
speeds and accelerations in three axial directions are automatically
recorded every 1 second with our own algorithm.

This application was developed from our iPhone application “SENIOR Quality”
(Digital Standard Co., Ltd., Osaka, Japan).
We newly create the “iTUG score” which simultaneously reflects both the
iTUG time and the volume of 95% confidence ellipsoid for tracks of the
chronological changes of 3D acceleration on iTUG.
This score was confirmed reliability and validity and may be considered a
new universal measure for evaluating gait disturbance.
In this iTUG score, a score of 100 or more indicates good mobility, a score
of 50 indicates mild disability to move and zero or less indicates inability to walk.

Please refer to the following papers for details.

May 25, 2018 International Magazine『Aging and Disease』Online Edition
Article title;Quantitative evaluation of gait disturbance on an instrumented timed up-and-go test
Author name;Shigeki Yamada, Yukihiko Aoyagi, Kazuo Yamamoto, Masatsune Ishikawa
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 Measurement item
  • Time
  • iTUG score
  • Segmentation graph of action
  • 3D acceleration graph
  • 3D acceleration graph volume

 About saving data
    • Time and score are saved the last 30 in the terminal
    • The record of the most recent one is displayed on the home screen including
      the graph data

★ Data storage to the cloud server is currently under development