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◇Connect with VRoid Hub

You can link your VRoid Hub account, and you can use your own avatar or the avatar you heart-pressed.
*There are conditions for available avatars. For details, please check the linked app page of VRoid Hub.
「TDPT – VRoidHub」

◇Transmission of motion data using VMC Protocol

You can send motion data by entering the recipient ID and port number.

◇Live Streaming

Note: Please use according to the terms of various distribution services.
◆using "Replay Kit"
It can be used with apps that support mirroring distribution.
First, set the distribution application side to wait for distribution preparation, and press "Start" on the TDPT side to start distribution.
◆using "RTMP"
It can be delivered on Youtube encoder live etc. (Achievement of about 10fps)

◇Exporting motion data

You can export in VMD format and BVH format.

Operating equipment

Recommended models released after iPhone 11.

Before making an inquiry ... Please see the "FAQ" page.


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TDPT standard avatar: Potete lune (VRoidHub)

Advertiser avatar: Tsukisaka Lisyuna (VRoidHub)


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