TDPT (iOS ver.)

It is an application icon image of the iOS application

It is the iOS App that detects the 3D coordinates of the joints of the whole body from the image from the camera or any video.
3D coordinates of the joints of the full body can be processed at high speed in real time using the AI deep learning technology developed in-house.
It is free to download and Premium Menu can be used with some purchase charges.
In the Premium Menu, you can change your avatar from VRoid Hub, and add functions such as live streaming and sending and exporting motion data etc…
This is “Three D Pose Tracker” has been released in iOS ver.

App screen image


    • Camera switching

The inner camera, outer camera, and angle of view change.

    • Video selection to input

You can select your favorite video from the iOS standard “File” app, and you can perform motion capture in real time.

    • Avatar movement mode

It has functions such as rotation, movement, and scaling.

Setting screen

    • Show background

Turn it on to display the background image, and turn it off to turn it into a green background.

    • Background image select

You can select your favorite image from the “Photos” app.

    • Avatar from local folder

You can read “.vrm” data from the standard iOS “file” app.
(Please pay attention to the license when using other than your own avatar.)

    • Revert to default avatar
    • Show input image

Turn it “ON” to display the image from the camera or video, and turn it “OFF” to hide it.

    • Audio volume
    • Use microphone

“ON” moves the avatar’s mouth.
(It also affects the audio during the live stream.)

    • Show FPS

Switches the display of the frame rate value.

 Premium menu

  • Connect with VRoid Hub

You can use your own avatar or heart-shaped avatar by linking your VRoid Hub account.
(There are conditions for avatars that can be used. For details, please check the linked app page of VRoid Hub. →TDPT – VRoidHub

  • Transmission of motiondata using VMC Protcol

Enter the recipient ID and port number to send the motion data.

  • Live streaming

* Please use according to the terms of various distribution services.

+ using “Replay Kit”
It can be used with apps that support mirroring distribution.

+ using “RTMP”
It can be delivered by Youtube encoder live etc. (About 10fps)

  • Exporting motion data

You can export in VMD format and BVH format.
Premium menu

 Operating equipment

iPhone11、iPhone11Pro、iPhone11ProMax、iPhoneSE(2nd generation)、iPhone12、iPhone12Pro、iPhone12ProMax、iPhone12Mini

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